Friday, March 1, 2013

Sego Lily School goes wild!

We thought the animals at the zoo could use a fun and educational experience so we brought them some Sego Lily School students to look at!  Some of them seemed interested in us, some of them were more interested in sleeping and eating.  That's okay, we understand, sleeping and eating are some of our favorite activities too.

The meerkat was quite intrigued, he watched us for quite awhile before settling down to nap with his buddies.

This orangutan wanted us to come swing on his play structure with him.  We wish we could!

Since the gorillas weren't willing to pose with us we had to settle for a life-like portrayal.
The Lynx was comfortable with us photographing her, as long as we stayed behind the glass. 

 We loved the lizards, snakes, eels, fish, salamandars, skinks and all the other creepy crawly creatures.

The bird and reptile house was so warm.  We spent awhile in here!

Thank you so much to our wonderful parent drivers and chaperone!

Watching the exotic... chickens??

Blueberry wanted to pose with the giant tortoise.  Unfortunately we only got his backside.

By the end of the day we were starting to get tired.  Some of us more so than others.

Domo gives Elf a ride.
The sea lions and seals loved showing us their tricks.  Unfortunately they were a little camera shy.  Our resident wildlife photographer had to take many shots before she captured a shot that was worthy of these wonderful animals.

Even the wolf came out to see us!  A rare and special occurrence, given that their enclosure is so large and there are only two of them.

Why go to the zoo in the wintertime?  Well, first of all, the animals are more active.  They like to get out and play in the snow.  Secondly, there are no crowds to contend with.  Third, why not?  It's fun!!