Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread Houses!

Well, graham cracker houses... anyhow... we've had a great time building fancy creations and eating candy for the past two days.  Here are some of the edible structures that we made.

GorgiePorgie had an epic story to go along with hers.

Elf created a gummy bear home.

Domo's house was more of an open air courtyard.

Princess Birdie was working on her house until the very last minute.

Blueberry and her Candyland.

This sophisticated modernist gingerbread home was made by Cassandra.

FireKnight and his work of art.

MrJunior1 demonstrating the toothpick spear.

Godzilla built a gingerbread floor for his gingerbread house. 

Rainbow Dolphin won the vote for our FAVORITE Gingerbread House!!

Solshine built a gothic cathedral, complete with flying buttresses and rose windows. 

Ebag didn't have enough candy on his so he added a "candy garden."

FastFlash is hoping Santa Claus will visit his gingerbread house.