Monday, November 12, 2012

Sego on Ice

 Our Skating Lesson at the Olympic Oval began with a tour. We learned that we were going to skate on the"Fastest Ice on Earth".  The ice rink has a network of refrigeration pipes below a concrete slab for even cooling. Salt water is the refrigerant - it can be chilled to below the normal freezing point of water.
The ice is just  three-quarters of an inch thick sprayed from a garden hose to create 12- 16 layers using de-ionized water. TOTALLY COOL!

After our tour we were excited to get onto the ice and begin our lesson. We strapped on our ice skates and helmets and followed Marissa, our ice skating instructor, up the stairs and stepped onto the ice by clinging to the wall. She chanted, "March, march, march," teaching us our first skill called "march on ice." Some of us inadvertently practiced our second skill after taking our first falls - sit down and stand back up. Now this may sound easy but some of us needed practice, I'm not going to name names (Georgie Porgie), which segued beautifully into the next skill - falling down. Some of the students (Georgie Porgie) needed practice with this skill too. 

We began by marching across the ice.

Soon we were all on the ice practicing falling. Bend your knees, lean to the side and neatly tuck your legs to the side. After practicing a few times, we all passed.

We held our arms in front of us for balance.

After learning all the skills. We formed a line to play red light - green light using the snow plow stop. Many of us could not stop using our newly learned skill so we resorted to one of the first skills we learned - falling down.

Georgie Porgie demonstrates the backward wiggles.

Cassandra was a pro at the rocking horse - heels together & curve around to touch your toes then back again and touch your heels.

Ebag is off like a rocket.

Princess Birdie

Godzilla on ice! 

Godzilla received a private lesson from our parent volunteer, Jordan. Jordan glided onto the ice and amazed us all with her impressive ice hockey skating skills.


The Olympic Oval gets a thumbs up from all of us!

Special thanks to our parent volunteer drivers - Craig and Jordan!!!