Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunny Days / Rainy Days

Who wants to go outside on a cold and windy day like today?  We do!!  There is rarely a day that we don't venture to the park or play in the yard, after all, there's no such thing as "bad" weather!  However, there are days that we spend more time indoors... doing art projects, putting together puzzles, cooking, reading and generally getting creative.

We built a puzzle ball!
At circle time on a particularly drizzly day several of the students wanted to do projects in the art room.  We had a beautiful morning building toy cars, painting pumpkins and making swords out of scrap paper.  Even the staff got to sit and paint... Solshine loves her bejeweled baby pumpkin!

Godzilla painting his baby pumpkin.
Solshine's baby pumpkin... how cute!

Fastflash builds a wooden model car.
He decided to make a few modifications to the original design.
There are always plenty of books to read... or to set up in a course like giant dominoes!

And they're down!!!
Of course, this time of year, there are plenty of sunshiny days too!  Luckily, we don't have to sit inside at desks staring out the windows, we get to take full advantage of the beauty of the season.
Godzilla enjoying our favorite swing.

Football has been very popular lately!

Ready to play!!!
Cassandra has quite the arm!!

Princess Birdie has her game face on.

I got it!  I got it!  I got it!
It's mine!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Return to Kitty City

                                It is Friday, 10:45 am; which means it is Kitty City time!                                          

Fireknight, Rainbow Dolphin and Domo with kitty brothers.

This kitten crawled onto Domo's shoulder.

Godzilla, the newest member of our blogging clan, is put to work brushing a kitty.


On this visit to Kitty City we were happily put to work. We brushed cats, vacuumed cat hair from kitty play structures, swept kitty hair off the floor, cleaned kitty messes, and our parent volunteer, Alisa, and Georgie Porgie had the opportunity to clean kitty litter boxes. 

A permanent volunteer who spends every Friday morning volunteering at the Humane Society (because she adores cats and her husband won't let her be the "crazy cat lady" and adopt "2000 cats") was delighted Sego Lily had returned to Kitty City.

This kitten has adopted Domo.

Domo pets Teddybear .

Teddybear is the softest, sweetest and heaviest cat. Teddybear reminds Domo of his old cat.

Domo was happy to see Tuxedo again. We hope Tuxedo finds a happy home.

  If Domo could adopt a cat he would choose Tuxedo or Teddybear. Tuxedo is a really playful cat and he has a unique nose.

Godzilla and kitty unite to become true friends in the battle  to end the abandonment of animals.

Georgie Porgie cradles the sweetest kitten in her arms. GP fell in love with this adorable kitten baby.

The Sego crew with parent volunteer, Alisa, walking dogs.

After petting cats and kittens we turned our attention to the small dogs. The moment we walked into the small dog room there was a cacophony of barking and whining. It was difficult to choose which dog to walk with so many doggies barking for our attention: Chihuahuas, Terriers, Pugs, muts of all breeds bark as if to say, "Pick me. Pick me."

We walked the dogs on the grassy area surrounding the Humane Society. Our new doggie friends were so happy to be free to roam, sniff, run and poop in the great outdoors.

The humane society has a rule that you must be 11 years of age and with an adult to walk a small dog. So Fireknight helped Rainbow Dolphin walk a Chihuahua.

Resting after a run.

This little dog had so much energy! Domo and Ranibow Dolphin took turns running with him back and forth on the grass.  As they ran, the dog bounded and leaped with every step. The boys were worn out long before this Jack Russell Terrier.


Domo and Fireknight with a Jack Russell Terrier.

We had another wonderful visit to the Utah Humane Society and are already looking forward to meeting new kitty and doggie friends at our next visit.

Alisa nicknamed this kitten Puss-n-Boots. 

I think this kitty is saying, "Come see me again soon!"

We will sweet kitten!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Climbing Pete's Rock

We arrived at Pete's Rock at 10:30am on October 4, 2012. There was a chill to the air as we filed after Jordan and Craig both laden with backpacks filled with climbing gear walking the short distance from the parking lot to our climbing destination. The "littles" excitedly attacked the trail negotiating gravel and loose rocks pausing periodically to examine stones and sticks before placing the treasures in their pockets. Georgie Porgie was not far behind scrambling over boulders to keep up with her elated students. For many of us this would be our first rock climbing experience.

Godzilla has his climbing harness secured and is ready for his first rock climbing experience.

 Princess Bridie and Georgie Porgie are waving to Craig.

  Craig, a parent volunteer and a professional rock climber, climbed atop Pete's rock to set up the rock climbing ropes for top roping.

 In top roping an anchor is set up at the summit of a route. Rope is run through the anchor. One end of the rope attaches to the climber and the other to the belayer. The belayer keeps the rope taut during the climb and prevents the climber from falling. Top roping is regarded as the safest type of climbing. 

Snack time.

We had two top ropes set up for climbing - Craig and Jordan belayed. We began climbing in the shade bundled with coats and beanies but soon we were basking in the sunshine of a gorgeous Autumn day. 

Princess Birdie climbs on!

Princess Birdie was the first to climb. She is an amazing climber with impressive skills- a natural you could say. Georgie Porgie was looking for rock climbing tips and Princess Birdie confided as she pointd to her feet, "My shoes help me climb." What were these magical shoes? Not rock climbing shoes but water shoes!

Hipdog turboed up the rock face.

This was Hipdog's first outdoor climb. Seconds after he began Jordan, who was belaying and is an expert rock climber, turned to Georgie Porgie and said, "We have a turbo." Hipdog was speeding up the rock face. It was impressive. 

Hipdog's new nickname...Turbo.

This is Georgie Porgies first time belaying. She belayed Princess Birdie.

Princess Birdie bravely called, "Belay on." Georgie Porgie replied, "On belay." To which the call, "Climbing, " and the response, "Climb on," and Princess Birdie began her second climb of the day. Craig was standing near by coaching GP (and holding the belay rope) to ensure a safe climb.

Georgie Porgie is preparing to belay Ebag.

Ebag repelling after reaching the summit.

It was a challenging climb (made more difficult with tennis shoes). Several times Ebag received coaching from Craig. At one point Ebag stretched his left leg catching a rock hold with the tip of his toe. It was an incredible climbing toe hold.

Jordan, her little one and Fastflash.

Jordan is ready to belay Fastflash. Fastflash gives the camera a thumbs-up. This will be his first rock climb.

Fireknight, determined to reach the top.

On the first climb Fireknight was *pumped half way up the rock and could not continue the climb. The second climb he was **psyched and called down instructions to his belaying partner Georgie Porgie, "Tighten the rope!" Halfway up the rock he yelled, "I am doing much better. I am not giving up!" Sure enough Fireknight made it to the top.

*pumped: When a climber is tired and at his/her limit.
**psyched:When a climber is excited/determined to do a climb


Craig makes it look so easy!

A special thank you to our volunteer parents/expert rock climbers Jordan and Craig who provided the equipment, transportation, their expertise, and encouragement!

Climb on!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dance Party for Gorgie Porgie's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Gorgie Porgie! To celebrate, the kids worked with GP to make homemade ice cream & some AMAZING apple cobbler with apples from our trees. The deliciousness that comes from our fruit trees is one of the BEST things that happens every fall at Sego Lily School.

Hipdog has been our DJ for the day - dance music has been playing in the back yard, and FireKnight & Godzilla have been some of the most active dancers. Of course, with the smell of cobbler & the promise of ice cream, virtually everyone had to join in the fun. Or at least join in the eating!

Thank you for being such an amazing staff member, Gorgie Porgie! We all love you!

 FireKnight gets his groove on!

 Yummy cobbler - with candles!
 Cassandra & Gorgie Porgie awaiting their yummy treats - GP got hers first, of course!

 GP wanted some help blowing out the candles - Princess Birdie & Powner11 were happy to oblige.

 In line for yummy goodness! It's one of the few times there are lines at Sego Lily School - when food is involved!
 Powner11 & Gorgie Porgie rock out to the tunes.
Just in case you were wondering what our delicious treat looked like - Ebag offered up his plate for a photo opportunity.