Thursday, July 12, 2012

 Sego Lily School 2012 Summer Camp Week!

Camp Week is an opportunity for us to gather, reconnect, and make new friends. It's a time for swimming, water balloon games, art, and long walks. It's also a time to see how much our usual summer visitors have grown!

Of course, it's also a time to share new computer & DS games, have some friendly competition, and teach one another the tricks we have learned.

 It's a time for our older kids to catch up with one another, walk to Taco Bell, the gas station, and the park, and of course, 'hang out.'
 We had a pet day, and were visited by a rabbit, 2 rats, and 2 parakeets. It was a noisy room for awhile until the birds settled down!

Some of the girls made fairy houses from craft sticks & tissue paper.
 A giant play-dough donation kept many of the younger kids busy for hours - and all of us busy for quite a while getting it cleaned up at the end of the day!
There was an outdoor range set up for archery & spear throwing (with extensive safety rules, of course!)
And that's just Wednesday! I can't wait to see what today & Friday bring.