Saturday, April 30, 2011

Workshop Week Fun! April 26-29 2011

Workshop Week 2011 was a great success! Here are a few of us in our workshop Tye-Dyes :)

Here is a sampling of our fun-filled week!

We made watercolor butterflies.

We made home made pizza.

We made sugar cookie masterpieces.

We made seed paper.

We played group games.

We created 3D works of art.

We made Biodiesel!

We did origami and kanji with the Japanese students.

The goal is 1000 paper cranes to send to Japan...Fernandez and Jamis took that a step farther and created these gigantic cranes!

Our amazing GorillaGirl got out the power tools for the building of our potato box.

Relaxing after the fun...We love our school!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Workshop Week 2011!

Sego Lily School's annual Workshop Week is April 26th-29th! Come and join us for our fun workshops :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oil Change

Munchitrot's car, named Indiana, was 2,000 mi. overdue for an oil change. What a perfect opportunity for teachable moment at Sego Lily!

Soldier and Dirk decide which socket size will fit the bolt on the oil pan.

Dirk examines the oil pan and requests the ratchet.

The discussion continues...

Success!!!! The oil in the pan can be seen in the above picture!