Friday, March 25, 2011

The Hysterical History Of The Trojan War (NEW DATE AND LOCATION!)

Sego Lily School Presents!

The Hysterical History of the Trojan War

When: Friday, April 8th, 7pm
Where: 1750 Blaine Ave, Salt Lake City
Tickets: $5 in advance, $6 at the door
Contact Sego Lily School at 801-274-9555 for more information

Who is the REAL Princess Lollipop?

We are searching for the true Princess Lollipop.
We beseech you to aide us in this noble quest so we may all cry in unison on bended knee,

Is it Athena?

Could it be Fudge?

Or perhaps it is Georgie Porgie?

Possibly, Pinky the Unicorn?

Have you considered, Soldier?


I know, Cocoa the Destroyer!

We should always consider Strawberry?

It must be Batman!

Or MrJunior1?

We cannot forget Mallock?

Nor should we overlook Eranah.

Ah-ha! Fernandez? The maker of the pink crown?

Be still my heart, is it Epsilon?

No, no it must be Celubine!

I'm so confused, it could be Hippykid!

Or the darling Munchitrot.

Look at that face, it has to be Catiantha!

But what about Bubbles?

Or Larry? That is the true face of a princess.

Or is it the sweet Blueberry?

We are so confused, please help us!
Tell us who you think is the true wearer of the crown?

How Strawberry and Big Bad Wolf became Friends

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Strawberry and she lived with a little bird named Annie and a fish named Fishy and a dog named Doggie.

There was a big bad wolf named Big Bad Wolf and he tried to blow Strawberry's house down. So Strawberry opened her front door and kicked and punched the Big Bad Wolf. She was very angry, just so angry!

And then there were three bad wolves named Big Bad Wolf Number Two and Big Bad Wolf Number Three. Then Strawberry ran into her house and locked the door.

Then she heard a knock on the door and a grandma voice that said, "Let me in."

When Strawberry opened the door she saw her grandma, who wasn't her grandma. It was Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad Wolf Number Two, and Big Bad Wolf Number Three. The wolves grandma masks fell off and Strawberry blew really hard and blew the wolves away, but that didn't really help.

The wolves came back. Strawberry opened the door one more time and asked, "What do you want because you are scaring my bird Annie and my fish Fishy and my dog Doggie away? Annie is in her cage and she is seriously freaking out. Fishy is under seaweed and he's seriously freaking out. Doggie is behind a chair and he is seriously freaking out?"

Big Bad Wolf said, "I"m not trying to scare you. I'm trying to be your friend. Why did you punch and kick me? And why did you try to blow me and my wolf friends away?"

Strawberry said, "I thought you were going to hurt me and my bird Annie and she is seriously freaking out in her cage. I'm sorry I kicked and punched you and tried to blow you and your wolf friends away, but why did you try to blow my house down?"

Big Bad Wolf said, "I didn't try to blow your house down. I am sick and I sneezed."

Then Strawberry invited Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad Wolf Number Two, and Big Bad Wolf Number Three into her home for chili. They all became friends and the wolves decided to live with Strawberry and Annie and Fishie and Doggie.

By Strawberry as told to Georgie Porgie

Cardboard Laptops

Batman and Strawberry with their homemade cardboard laptops.

Cardboard laptops are fun. This is how you make one:
  1. Step One: You get a piece of cardboard from Celubine (he is a staff member).
  2. Step Two: Make the screen and put on fins (you know, fish have fins).
  3. Step Three: Draw keys under the screen.
  4. Step Four: Make a mouse out of cardboard and tie on a string and tape it by the keys.
Strawberry's Tip: Gorilla Girl (she's a staff member) can help you.

By Strawberry with Georgie Porgies help (she's a staff member)

Clay Sculptures in the Morning

Athena shows her cotton candy bowl. YUM!

A wee hamster.

Fernandez rabbits have Fu Manchu mustaches (and so will the shark she is working on).

Athena, Doodle, and Georgie Porgie start the day by sculpting clay.

Doodle's ghost is spooky!

Come build with us!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Joy of Doing Your Own Thing

Enjoying "doing their own thing".....

Amber and Athena having a blast in the bounce house

Soldier, Doddle and Knights hanging out in the playroom

Cocoa the Destroyer taking pictures with the school camera

Mallock, Eranah and Jamis playing civilizations and watching Anime

Scrumdidilumptious, Rachet and Fudge enjoying lunch and clay making

Knights demonstrating his swordmanship skills against crayola the marker ;)

Athena knitting a pig

Roses working on her scarf

Knights and Batman enjoying the warmth of Spring

Strawberry, Amber and Cocoa the Destroyer discussing the safety and rules of Wheel Chair Certification

Dar6win and Fufighter discussing Mindcraft

Fudge and Batman sharing music together

Drawing Manga

Eranah, Pinky the Unicorn and Larry working on their manga.

Sharing their portfolios and working on some new drawings together.

St. Patty's Day Pretzels! 2011

Baking club made pretzels for St. Patrick's Day!

Athena and Munchitrot made gluten free pretzels

So delicious! Fire&Flames, Athena, Georgie Porgie, Fernandez and MrJunior1 enjoyed their creations!

This is what happens to Athena when she eats gluten ;)